Turbocell Leggings Anti Cellulite Body Shaper
Turbocell Leggings Anti Cellulite Body Shaper

For cellulite and problem areas, Turbocell a series of anti-cellulite pants in a variety of lengths.

Size L/40 (Waist 80, Hips 100) warning the trousers smaller – if in doubt a No. greater will – 

The world’s ever sold more than 3 million times anti-cellulite shorts are now available also in the German market.

Turbocell is made from a patented 3 layer fabric, with the use of natural latex and special properties of the internal layer made of cotton this unique action.

A local increase in body temperature and at a lightweight movement via the wearing time Continuous Micro Massage is the blood circulation is stimulated and activates.

The clinically tested pants by Turbocell molds the shape of your body and fighting the problem areas and reduce to local areas of fat at the same time.


Extensive testing has shown this shower heads the application results bestätigt.

Unique, Bodywear that will form and a better circulation stimulates and activates your body.

Turbocell is worn under clothing or can be used as a practical and elegant sports dress.

The skin comes into contact with the only cotton.

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