Spandex Legging Review
Spandex Legging Review

Spandex is a material made from synthetic fibers.

This material is also known as Elastane, especially in the US and Canada.

But in England, this material is called Lycra, which is actually a brand.

Features Spandex Leggings

Spandex has better elasticity compared to rubber.

It is because spandex is a synthetic material made from Polymer that contains Polyurethane.

The characteristics of spandex are elastic, shiny, tight in the body, strong, and also durable.

This material is used to make various apparel, such as t-shirts and spandex leggings.

Just like other materials, spandex also has advantages and disadvantages.

Spandex Legging Review
Spandex Legging Review

Pros of Spandex Leggings

  • High elasticity. Due to its elasticity, spandex leggings are not easily damaged when they are stretched. It will just go back to its normal size. As it is said before, spandex features high elasticity so that it follows body shapes. This is why Elastane leggings are mostly used as sportswear.
  • It is soft and comfortable to wear.
  • Elastane leggings are resistant to sweat and seawater. So, you can use it as swimwear.
  • Spandex materials are not easily faded. It is able to maintain its colors well.

Cons of Spandex Leggings

  • Spandex is sensitive to heat. So, you must be careful when you iron your spandex legging. When you iron or dry your Elastane legging with a drying machine, make sure you set the proper temperature. It is important because heat can damage the legging.
  • It is low breathable. Moreover, spandex is really tight to the body. So, Elastane leggings are not comfortable to wear all day long. Even though it depends on the amount of spandex material used.

Those are the pros and cons of spandex leggings.

By knowing the pros and cons, hopefully, you can know the right time and right events to wear such a legging.

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