Persit Women's Printed Yoga Pants with 2 Pockets
Persit Women's Printed Yoga Pants with 2 Pockets

Persit: Many people love doing yoga as a form of workout and as a technique of relieving stress.

Yoga needs a complete range of motion to attain the specific poses that are meant to stretch and relax the body.

Leggings accommodate the need to bend, extend, and arch the hips, legs, and pelvis.

Yoga leggings also offer the yogi with protection from rash burn or irritation from the yoga mat from the steam or heat during the warm yoga sessions.

Finding the best pair of yoga leggings can make a massive difference in the level of relaxation during a yoga session.

About the product Persit Women’s Printed Yoga Pants with 2 Pockets

4-way stretch and premium tummy control define these relax yoga tights by Persit. The breathable fabric matches the skin, eliminating friction and irritation.

They permit for a complete range of movement via all yoga poses and other kinds of a vigorous workout.

The spandex and nylon mixture wicks away moisture and keeps the skin dry. A line crotch gusset provides relaxation and power via the seating area. Built-in pockets include ease.


Print design – Leggings for ladies with active fashionable patterns, which can present your vitality and unique beauty. The top-standard print tech also makes sure that the leggings do not shrink or fade after washing.

Two pockets – Yoga pants for ladies spec two pockets for ease, to stash your cash, keys, and phone.

High rise – Yoga pants are designed with top-rise, tummy control wide waistband contours your curves and streamlines your shape.

Moisture-wicking – top waisted leggings are made of fast-drying fabric which is moisture-wicking and keeps your skin dry.

Four-way stretch – the fabric to keep workout leggings stay up and in location, relax fit and permit for a wide range of movements.

Soft material – Yoga pants come with two compositions of premium fabric – Non-view-through stretchy and breathable fabric offers full coverage.

Persit Women's Printed Yoga Pants with 2 Pockets
Persit Women’s Printed Yoga Pants with 2 Pockets


Named feeling & moisture wicking

The material of yoga paints is very soft to the touch, almost comparable to an incredibly smooth fleece when you wear them just like wearing nothing.

It designed to get rid of moisture from your body and offer the highest comfort near your skin and zero irritation, make your wearing experience more relaxed.

Special stylish print design

The natural and realistic color with active, stylish patterns, which can show you unique beauty and vitality. The top standard print tech also makes sure that the leggings do not shrink or fade after washing.

Flatlock stitching and lined gusset

The line design of your yoga pants is flat-lock, ergonomic, stitching to decrease caused by chafing, a gusset crotch supports for a free movement and relaxation, helps reduce the irritation caused by pulling, say no to camel toe.

Tummy control & high waist

Designed with elastic tummy control and high-waist waistband to offer you with a perfectly secure fit.

Personal fitness and compression technology better blood circulation and help to release muscle fatigue.

Not falling off, easy, stylish lines and compression contour your curves and streamlines shapes. You can do bends and squats workout.



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