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Ododos Leggings Size Chart

Ododos Leggings Size Chart
Ododos Leggings Size Chart

The Ododos high waist Capri is made with 87 percent polyester blend and 13 percent spandex.

They have a high waist and a pocket on the outside.

Features and Ododos leggings size chart

Anyway, when we went by that chart, it puts us in the medium size.

Just keep in mind you are on the petite side, as the little might be too big for you.

On the other hand, do not buy these tight, as the stuff is somewhat view-through when stretched thin.

Ododos Leggings Size Chart
Ododos Leggings Size Chart


The stuff on this pair is not very thick, but it was not extremely breathable in the end, and it presented any drop of sweat that we produced.

Like much other normal stuff, once we wet, hey look an as long time to dry out.


The side pocket is handy for stashing your mobile on a walk but or else unless in a yoga or fitness.

There is also a seam that runs right down the front, which can emphasize the dreaded camel toe.

Gathered with the view-through fabric standard, we hesitated to leave home in them.

Best applications

The high-waist out pocket Capri is best for casual wear.

You do not want to size them too tight, or they might be view-through but too loose, and they would not do anything for you.


The pair retails for about $20, which is the top bargain matched to the designer yoga pants.


The Ododos high-waist out pocket Capri is cost-friendly pair of Capris.

As with most of the other affordable pairs, they were not the best standard.

The material is soft, and they are relaxed enough for lounging in, but they do not offer shaping or compression.

The high waist almost too high, and we did not love any of the color options.

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