Ndoobiy Women's Printed Leggings Full-Length Regular Size
Ndoobiy Women's Printed Leggings Full-Length Regular Size

These affordable Ndoobiy printed leggings are perfect yoga pants because of their durability and stretch.

The printed designs do not fade after dozens of washings.

Features Ndoobiy Women’s Printed Leggings Full-Length Regular Size

The spandex and nylon blend of fabric perfectly on the outside and inside.

Another spec that makes this item one of the top yoga leggings for ladies is its stretchy elastic waistband that stays put.

Printed with patterns and images unexpected in a leggings pair, Ndobiy fashion-forward leggings can take you from couch potato to workout ready in a minute.

For its price point, this pair of leggings is amazingly unforgiving when it comes to the top standard. It follows through with its promise of relaxation with its sweat-wicking, smooth fabric.

The garterized elastic waistband makes sure a snug fit even while doing all types of positions in yoga or squatting for exercises.

With dynamic colors, this one will get you up and ready for the next exercise without any hesitation.

Ndoobiy Women's Printed Leggings Full-Length Regular Size
Ndoobiy Women’s Printed Leggings Full-Length Regular Size


  • Eight percent polyester, twelve percent Spandex, light, super soft and relax leggings. Simple to dress up or down. Buttery smooth and soft fabric standard.
  • Consists of powerful stretchy elastic waistband to provide you a thoroughly relaxing experience.
  • The 3D print is used in our pattern, making the pattern charming and special.
  • The top standard of 3D print tech also makes sure that the leggings do not shrink or fade that washing.
  • Machine-washable, advise hand wash, hand dry.


They are truly pretty versatile. If you have a pair of tights in your clothing, you can pretty much wear them with any outfit you have.

They go with short skirts and long skirts. You can wear them with pants or shorts.

They are best underneath a dress or with a dance outfit.


Whether you are trying to make a style statement, or just want to relax, you can wear them with anything in your closet.

Tights keep your legs hot. Often times, people want to wear a particular outfit during chilly weather and just after because of the cold.

If you have a pair of tights, you can wear those with your dress instead and keep yourself much hotter.

No Buttons or zippers

There are no buttons, clasps, or zippers, making them a fast choice if you are in a hurry when you get dressed.

Throughout the day, you will not have wads of fabric that make it rough to sit and you would not get irritated by denim rubbing against your legs.

Many people are so relaxing in them that they do not feel like they have anything on at all.

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