Luxurious Quality High Waisted Leggings for Women
Luxurious Quality High Waisted Leggings for Women

Lush Moda complete length high yoga waist leggings for ladies offer just the best amount of coverage from your waist down to your ankles.

There is no muffin top look or rolling down your hips.

Features Luxurious Quality High Waisted Leggings for Women

Premium standard

LMB leggings for ladies are made from super-soft fabrics, which is a top blend of spandex and polyester, which amazingly stretches without limiting your flexibility or being view through.

The stitching and cutting are amazingly done to provide you a luxury feel and best fit down to your ankles.

Designed for comfort

These top waisted leggings for ladies are designed to fit amazingly for day long-wearing.

The waistband of these tummy control pants fit snug and makes a radial compression on your waist and midsection, thus shaping you up to look smart, slim and hot.

Versatile wearing choices

Yoga pants and fashion leggings look stylish and can be worn for a range of conditions, be it as workout leggings, sports leggings, and running leggings.

Best choice for lounging, snuggling and relaxing up on a rainy, chill day.

Use these high rise leggings as lovers, layering up with scarves and boots during the winter and fall.

Pair them with a tank top to stay chill during spring and summer.

Luxurious Quality High Waisted Leggings for Women
Luxurious Quality High Waisted Leggings for Women


Dance tights and workout clothes

Fill your full wardrobe with yoga pants in a wide range of dominant colors such as fuchsia, aqua, burgundy, and mustard.

Pick a different color each day and pair with a long blazer, shirt, and heels.

After work, change your top with a tank for a workout or a shimmery camisole for a party.

Night out or office wear

Whether it is stylish or casual, fabulous, or fun, there is forever a colorful pair of Lush Moda Yoga pants to transform your look from boring to amazing within minutes.

Order a pair for every day of the week or even months so you can feel and look chill with buttery soft leggings wherever you go.

Lounge and casual wear Luxurious Leggings for Women

Lush Moda brings you forty intense colors and more than a 100 prints to pick from its line of Ultra soft leggings.

Mix and match them with tunics, tank tops, dresses, t-shirts, and any type of shirt for varied looks and styles.

You will never run out of clothing ideas for every day of the year.

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