Lularoe Mystery Leggings
Lularoe Mystery Leggings

Lularoe Mystery Leggings: There’re mixed reviews when it comes to these leggings.

What sets them apart from other companies is that their pants are available in only three sizes – one size, tall and curvy and tall and curvy 2.

Features Lularoe Mystery Leggings

Aside from the unique collection of sizes, the company also sets itself apart with various patterns and colors incorporated in their leggings.

Ladies rave about these because of their buttery smooth and soft texture, and the face they fit most sizes.

These have come in fun and unusual prints, so you will surely become a head-turner when wearing one. But that is not it.

The company manufactures 2500 pieces of every design, which means you are lucky to come across somebody who wears yours.

The LULAROE lives up to their aim, merely comfortable, these Mystery leggings are ultra-soft, and they are made with excellent quality.

The fabric utilized in every piece is thick, which means they are not transparent, unlike many other leggings.

Lularoe Mystery Leggings
Lularoe Mystery Leggings


The buttery ultra-soft texture in these LULAROE leggings remains even after many washes.

Plus, they do not wrinkle so that you will get value for your money!

Speaking of money, fine quality legging is not simply to find. That is why they are normally more costly.

Though there’re a lot of cheaper options, you’d most likely invest a lot more if you keep on changing them each time they wear out.

That is why these leggings are reasonable for the price they have currently sold at.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Best value for the money
  • Ultra-soft and smooth texture


  • Some customer complaint about the size

Final words Lularoe Mystery Leggings

Though you might find some negative reviews, if you are looking for high breathable pants that would not show of your skin, these leggings, in general, are great to buy.

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