Girlfriend Leggings Collective Black Friday
Girlfriend Leggings Collective Black Friday

Girlfriend Collective is a women activewear firm based out of Seattle, Washington. GC was created by co-founders and husband and wife Ellie, duo, and Quang Dinh.

You might recognize this brand from marketing a Free Leggings campaign back when they launched in 2016.

Features Girlfriend Leggings Collective

All their products are eco-friendly and either produced certified used water bottles or fishnets retrieved from the ocean. The girlfriend collective is proud to be a slow fashion firm.

This means that their little batch producing process is best for the environment and best for you. They are sustainable and environmentally friendly brands that we should all be discussing.

Their fabric manufacturing process is done in Taiwan at a light trade facility and certified by Oeko Tex.

The leggings then bring together in their SA8000 certified factory in Hanoi, Vietnam, which uses no child or forced labor, mandates fair working hours and safe situations, permit unionization, and pays living wages.

They are actually more eco-friendly than many other present brands on the activewear market.

Anyway, synthetic fabrics still leak microplastics into the ocean via their producing process, and every time we wash our activewear.

Girlfriend Leggings Collective Black Friday
Girlfriend Leggings Collective Black Friday

GuppyFriend is a laundry washing bag that stops about ninety percent of microplastics from leaking from our activewear and into our oceans, which sea and fish organisms then ingest. You can find GuppyFriend bags at REI and Patagonia.

The girlfriend just declared their newest wash bag. Their proprietary wash bag works just like the Guppy Bag.

It stops ninety percent of microfibers from entering our oceans. The bag is just $18. We advise throwing two-three pieces in there for washing.

The microfiber filter attaches to your washing tool and collects the plastic fibers before they can enter our water stream.

This technique is more successful than the wash bag and is simple to install.

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