Capri Leggings, Your Perfect Summer Companion
Capri Leggings, Your Perfect Summer Companion

Capri leggings are perfect for you if you love leggings but find them too hot to wear during summer.

Like Capri pants, these style leggings are just your usual leggings.

Except they end at your knees.

They’re not easy to pull off, but you can rock them too if you follow these tips.

Capri leggings
Capri Leggings Your Perfect Summer Companion

Why wearing Capri leggings makes you look fabulous

Capris are hard to rock. They end at your knees, so your legs look shorter.

Moreover, if you have big calves, capris will make them even chunkier.

However, they are trending for good reasons.

Firstly, they are playful and fun. They look amazing with boots, which will still be trending in the fashion world.

They’re not as hot to wear in summer.

And if worn right, they can bring out your sex appeal. So how to wear them, right?

How to wear capris

With an oversized t-shirt

An oversized t-shirt is a great way to create a casual but stylish look.

The t-shirt will flow and create a flattering silhouette that draws attention.

This look works well if you throw in your cutest sandals or slides to amp up the playful feel.

With a long, flowy tunic

A long, flowy tunic or a blouse is the best item to wear with any leggings, including Capri leggings.

If you wear black leggings, wear a print tunic as the top.

The printed tunic will attract people’s eyes to you, and it looks modern and gorgeous, combined with black leggings and accessories.

Pair them with black sandals.

With a solid button-up shirt

Casual button-up shirts in a bright solid color, like hot pink or neon orange, is currently a fashion trend.

Since your top already steals enough attention, it’s best to combine it with black Capri leggings and white shoes.

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