5 Ways to Rock Your Legging Army Print
5 Ways to Rock Your Legging Army Print

Legging army print or camo is a great way to get an instant eye-catching look.

Army leggings aren’t hard to style, and they can be combined with many outfits.

Legging Army Print

Here are five ways you can rock them.

Army leggings
Army leggings

Fierce Look with Leather Jacket

The easiest way to look tough is to wear a faux leather jacket.

Why not combine it with army leggings? Wear a grey or black t-shirt and your leggings, and put a leather jacket over your tee.

Use bulky combat boots to complete this fierce chick look.

Comfy Look with Sweater

For a comfy look, you can combine your army print leggings with an oversized sweater.

It’s better if the shirt is grey, beige, or any neutral shade. To complete this look, wear it with white sneakers.

Feminine Look with Tunic Tops

All kinds of leggings are great to wear with tunic tops, even legging army. So why not try wearing a white tunic top and camo leggings?

Add a layer of the cardigan in an earthy or monochromatic tone such as brown or grey over the tunic.

To finish this look, complement it with cute heels for an extra touch of femininity. Who says army prints are only good for boyish looks?

Youthful Look with Denim

Denim never grows old, and it’s always good to create a youthful feel.

Wear a denim jacket over a white t-shirt or sweater and pair it with army leggings. For an extra bit of fun, opt for cute boots as footwear.

Sporty Look with Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are a fun way to look bold and sporty.

Pair your bomber jacket with a long t-shirt and army printed leggings for an attention-grabbing look.

What do you think about the ideas above?

Have fun playing with them to create your signature legging army look!

Legging Army Print

Last updated on February 26, 2021 6:18 am